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Meghan Markle Blacklisted by Royals and Kept from Dying Queen's Bedside - Factz


Meghan Markle Blacklisted by Royals and Kept from Dying Queen’s Bedside

It’s no secret that there’s tension between Harry and Meghan and the royal family. But it may be surprising just how tense things have gotten after a report confirmed that Meghan was not invited to the Queen’s beside in her dying hours.

FACTZ first reported yesterday that Meghan was not with Harry because she was not invited, and TMZ has confirmed today that indeed she was intentionally left off the list.

Meghan has said for years that she was not welcomed among the royals and was treated like an outsider, which led to her and husband Harry’s exodus from Britain altogether. They now live a relatively normal life in the United States and support themselves financially after having stepped down from royal duties.

Meghan’s dis-invitation seems to confirm that her allegations against the royals are true: they do indeed treat her like an outsider.

It’s particularly telling that Meghan was kept out of the family loop for this most private moment because if there’s ever a time to bury the hatchet and make amends, it’s on your deathbed. Clearly though, Queen Elizabeth did not want to bury any hatchets with the American socialite.

It should be noted that Kate Middleton also did not join the Queen at her bedside with husband, Prince William, but she made a statement that she was staying behind with their three children.

Harry and Meghan were just a short trip away, already on business in the UK, and could have both easily attended. Meghan does say that she will travel to Balmoral Castle “another time.”

Queen Elizabeth’s last legacy for Meghan will be one final snub.

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6 months ago

That might be the smartest thing the Royals have done yet.

6 months ago

Thanks must be given to the USA for taking Meagain Markle off Englands hands

6 months ago

Good! Tag her sponsor. Oh wait, it was Prince Andrew… Yeesh!

6 months ago

She’s an embarrassment.. and Liar. I saw Ed O’Neil you know Al Bundy/Jay Pritchett talking on Ellen how Megan Markles father would bring her to set when she was a little girl all the time (apparently he was a stage hand or something) he watched her grow up. So very strange when she says her dad wasn’t in her life….. she pretty woman 2.0

6 months ago

You said it exactly right – It was a private moment. It was not appropriate for her to be there. She has bad mouthed the Royals, except the Queen, every chance she gets. Could she really be trusted not to share with Oprah intimate details or repeat things that are said privately while they are saying goodbye to their Mother and Grannie on her deathbed??