Mattress Mack’s Historic $75M Astros Playbook Payout Hits Barstool Sports Where It Hurts – Video Collecting His Money

UPDATE: Mattress Mack has been flying across the country to collect his cash. This video is courtesy of Bet MGM. They were happy to share the Mack video with the world … the cost of doing business.

The original story below [November 7, 2022 – 1 PM PST]

Mattress Mack put it all on the line for the Houston Astros ahead of the World Series finish.

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale placed a $10M bet on the Astros, refusing to hedge his bet by placing any money elsewhere despite being offered the opportunity.

And as a result, he received the biggest payout in sports betting history – a whopping $75 million.

Unfortunately for Caesars and Penn Entertainment’s playbook Barstool Sports, it will cost them a lot.

Penn Entertainment CEO Jay Snowden talked to investors on November 3 ahead of the big game, urging them to root for the Philidelphia Phillies instead.

Snowden said, “I think if Mattress Mack doesn’t hit, we’ll be profitable in Q4. If he does, then it’ll probably be closer to break-evenish.”

They now have to pay out $10M – so good luck with that whole “break-evenish” scenario.


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