Matt Gaetz Goes Out in a Blaze of Humiliation After Drawing Only 6 Viewers to First Twitch Stream

Well, no one has ever said that Matt Gaetz was overly popular.

The Republican Congressman from Florida was hoping to increase his reach and build his popularity by connecting with kids (and anyone living in the modern era) by being hip, connected with it – and he fell flat on his face.

His very first Twitch stream, which featured Gaetz, his forehead, and his dubious hairstyle, drew a whole whopping six viewers.

Most Twitch streamers average around 20 viewers, with the most popular pulling thousands at a time.

But of course, Gaetz shouldn’t be your average Twitch streamer since he already starts with the advantage of being a US Congressman – albeit a controversial one who’s trying to sidestep allegations that he was involved with sex trafficking or assaulting a minor.

But back to Twitch – where Gaetz pulled only six viewers for his inaugural launch. It’s a number worth repeating since Gaetz has over 1.7M followers on Twitter, so you’d think they’d be rushing over to his Livestream to hear his riveting real-time thoughts, right?


Most of the people who did show up seemed to be critics rather than fans, so maybe Gaetz should stay in his lane and go back to two cans and a string instead of trying to steal some Gen-Z thunder.

Play to your audience, Gaetz – and that audience is a bunch of old, rich white people in Florida. None of them have Twitch, I promise.

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  • Why he chooses to go on twitch is beyond me. Who came up with the genius idea for him to go on a streamer platform and speak. He needs new PR stat!

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