Mark Zuckerberg’s Pet Metaverse is a Flop After Billions Spent – Users Are Nowhere to be Found

It’s not entirely accurate to say that there are NO users on Mark Zuckerberg’s pet project, #Metaverse. Still, when you consider that fewer than 200k people use the virtual reality world (according to internal documents) compared to the billions spent – it may as well be zero.

Zuckerberg has faced ridicule, mocking, investor doubt, and endless questioning from people who want to know what exactly he’s thinking by pouring tens of billions of dollars into creating the Metaverse.

Because let’s face it, no one even knows what it is – or how to access it.

It’s a virtual reality platform; that much is obvious, but why exactly would people go there when there’s almost nothing – or at least nothing anyone’s heard of?

Maybe Zuck’s lack of advertising is part of the problem. Most of the worlds on the Metaverse’s Horizon Worlds are empty, and the ones with users have fewer than 50 per world, so it’s clear that people aren’t rushing the gates to get in.

But by the end of the year, one analyst suggests Zuckerberg may have spent as much as $25B developing, so why is it such a hard flop?

Probably a combination of a lack of interesting features to offer, a lack of advertising (who’s even heard of Horizon World) and a lack of access. In Zuck land, everyone may have a virtual reality device, but not down here in the real world.


  • I tried to download it. It’s just a video game but boring one. Nobody wants to hook up like on IG.

  • Your article is conflating Horizon Worlds with the VR ecosystem Meta has been developing. Those billions include 4 major VR headset releases, a couple dozen video games, and much more. The metaverse is not Horizon Worlds. Horizon Worlds is just part of the metaverse. Meta has millions of people in their VR ecosystem now and most are participating in some metaverse activities… just not on Horizon Worlds, since it’s small, buggy, boring, and only available in the USA as a beta.

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