Mark Zuckerberg’s Obsession with Virtual Reality is Almost Embarrassing

When you’re a tech guru like Mark Zuckerberg, you’re used to people thinking that your ideas are brilliant.

So it must be odd for Zuckerberg to find the world in general rather unimpressed by his new absolute obsession with the Metaverse and making virtual reality a household staple.

The company dropped many announcements at Meta Connect 2022, the company’s annual developer conference for its VR tech and Oculus hardware platform.

But it mostly communicated the desperation that Zuckerberg is feeling as he’s determined to force virtual reality down everyone’s throat.

It could be because he genuinely believes VR is the future, or that he thinks it’s cool and he’s laser-focused – or it could be that he’s invested too much money to turn back now and really needs it to work out.

The problem, of course, is that Zuckerberg isn’t simply selling VR software – he’s selling a nebulous concept, “The Metaverse,” which means something no one can quite understand yet. Is it social media? A shopping center online? A new parallel existence? No one knows – least of all, it seems, Zuckerberg.

The Meta founder is even so desperate that he’s created a partnership with competitor Microsoft – which doesn’t at ALL reek of desperation, Mark.

While he could be correct, and the future could look cool (and entirely digitized), right now, it’s just kind of embarrassing.