Majority of US States Looking to Break Up Meta’s Monopoly

46 US states are calling for the reinstatement of an anti-trust lawsuit against Meta (parent company of Facebook) over their acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp.

It’s a really shitty week if you’re Mark Zuckerberg.

News broke that his net worth has dropped by a staggering $71B (although he probably already knew that was coming), and now states are rallying to break up the Facebook monopoly.

Forty-six states are filing an appeal related to a 2020 lawsuit that died on arrival due to technicalities over the timing of its filing. States not joining the request include Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and South Dakota.

The lawsuit claims that Meta’s (Then Facebook) acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp has harmed the US economy and its technology marketplace. Therefore the case should be reinstated regardless of the disqualifying technicalities.

Facebook said at the time that the purchases were well publicized and didn’t interfere with its policies regarding third-party apps.


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