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Maitland Ward Dishes to FACTZ about OnlyFans Regrets



Maitland Ward Dishes to FACTZ about OnlyFans Regrets

FACTZ asked actress, model, and pornstar Maitland Ward about her thoughts on the OnlyFans controversial concept that women might regret posing for OF “later in life.”

Ward blasted the idea, saying that women are empowered by the ability to make their own money – and that people judging them and potentially steering clear as partners are “jealous” because they want the money and success for themselves.

She says that the women doing OnlyFans are “building their futures” and achieving dreams through their careers.

And she added that it shouldn’t affect someone’s ability to parent later in life. After all, you’re not bringing sex work home – you’re just making a living doing OnlyFans.

When asked if she thinks porn should ever expire online and “disappear,” Ward laughed and responded that she didn’t want hers ever to disappear.

Ward also gushed about Alix Earle, saying, “I’m definitely a fan of hers.” She even invited Earle to join her for “sexy photos.”

Maitlin Ward Tells FACTZ That Alix Earle Should Get into The Adult Business


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