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Los Angeles Mayoral Hopeful 'No Longer Feels Safe' Amid Rising Crime Wave - Factz


Los Angeles Mayoral Hopeful ‘No Longer Feels Safe’ Amid Rising Crime Wave

A mayoral candidate hopeful in Los Angeles has revealed that she no longer feels safe in the city as crime surges out of control.

Candidate for LA mayor Karen Bass spoke to Fox 11 this week about her feelings on the city’s safety.

“Angelenos all around the city are not feeling safe,” she explained. “I did feel safe until my safety was shattered, like so many Angelenos. My safety was shattered.”

Bass is referring to an incident where two men broke into her home last week and stole firearms. She returned home and found the house in “disarray,” admitting that she now feels traumatized by the break-in and it’s inspired her to clean up crime in the city. Although her policies haven’t changed, Bass now has a greater appreciation for what the average citizen experiences amid Los Angeles’s burgeoning crime problems.

Bass added, “and in many neighborhoods, people don’t feel safe. They would like to see an increased presence of police officers. We need to get officers on the street as fast as possible.”

Bass’s opponent, Rick Caruso, extended his condolences to her for the horrific experience, “We need to prevent crime and reduce crime in the city. So I’m sorry it happened to her.”

While both candidates express a focus on cleaning up crime in the city, it’s not a problem that arose overnight and it won’t be fixed as quickly. Whoever wins the seat of mayor will have a massive uphill battle to turn around what many consider to be Los Angeles’s worst rise in crime in history.

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