L’Opera in St. Tropez: A Hyped Yet Disappointing Fast Food Dining Experience

If you are planning your SOF (South of France) experience there is one venue you MUST SKIP in St. Tropez.

L’Opera, is the venue in question, thrives on hype and forgiving patrons, but its endearing attribute lies solely in its captivating show, featuring professional dancers and waitstaff who occasionally join the performance. Their goal is to booze you up with exotic libation rates, so they can upsell you like a true tourist.

Regrettably, there is little that can change the factz that L’Opera seems to attract packed tables of culinary novices. The food, in a word, is “disastrous.”

The chicken dish, priced exorbitantly at 110 euros, is so unappetizing that FACTZ wouldn’t even serve it at Craig’s in Hollywood. The entrecôte seemed to be the cheapest cuts available, laden with gristle and the toughness of off-cuts best suited for minced beef.

The pasta fared no better, reminiscent of low-cost, store-brand varieties from discount supermarkets. The sashimi suffered from being served on a hot plate, contrary to the traditional raw presentation.

Additionally, the service is chaotic, with a lengthy 45-minute wait between the starter and main courses. Even requesting a simple glass of water from the ice bucket is impossible.

This establishment serves atrociously overpriced, subpar food, but at least the entertaining show may distract you from the overall dining disappointment.