Life Coach Explains ‘Men Are Not Afraid to Share Their Emotions’ – They’re Afraid to Have Their Emotions Used Against Them

Life coach Elise Michaels focuses on teaching men how to navigate a world that has become increasingly hostile to them in a post #MeToo era.

All the conventional wisdom of “traditional masculinity” has become unwelcome, so they’re forced to reckon with a changing landscape that wants more emotion and less stoicism.

But opening up emotionally comes with a price. A price, Michaels explains, that isn’t as much about “seeming emotional” like some claim as it is about having those emotions used against them.

In one social media video, Michaels explains, “Men are not afraid to share their emotions, they’re not afraid that they’re weak, they are afraid to have those emotions that they’ve shared be used against them.”

She adds, “they’re afraid to be manipulated, to be taken advantage of, they’re afraid to be left in the dust after they reveal a piece of themselves that is so vulnerable, and most of this fear that they have comes from their interactions with women.”

Michaels explains that it’s time to start acknowledging the verbal and emotional abuse men often experience in relationships with women who are often painted as infallible and incapable of being abusers. She says that so much abuse is not reported because society expects men to “take it” or that men are “weak” when they share their experiences.

Michaels says that no one should experience domestic abuse – men or women – including physical, mental, and emotional.