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Let The Evander Kane Chronicles Begin

The National Hockey League is pretty well known for its player’s sexual deviancy off the ice. Evander Kane is one who Edmonton Oilers fans love but his own Oilers teammates hate.

Evander recently signed a four-year extension with the Edmonton Oilers for $20.5 million because the Los Angeles Kings, who he begged to play for, gave him a hard pass—not based on performance, but actual character issues.

Speaking of character issues and not hockey locker room ones, like the time he sawed every teammate’s hockey stick in half (for fun) because he is a psychopath. Kane is also a terrible gambler; how do you lose betting on your own team? However, what is even more interesting to FACTZ is Kane’s public act of fatherhood and relationships with women.

FACTZ has gathered sources who have been brutalized by Kane’s lust for control over women and his manipulation—so we will honor these females to save the next, especially Mara Teigen, his current mark. Who was pregnant with Kane’s child at the same time as Anna!

To note: Deanna Kane, known as Anna, the wife of Evander Kane, has been very vocal about Kane’s misgivings.

FACTZ spoke with Anna, whose child has been taken from her. Imagine having a baby girl, agreeing to share custody of your daughter and during an exchange, the baby never comes back to you. For any mother, you would lose your shit. Anna Kane is still alive and still fighting almost a year later to reunite with her daughter.

Anna told FACTZ she had hit rock bottom multiple times. She doesn’t understand why God is punching her in the stomach every day, but she hopes her story will save other victims and for context, she is crying as she speaks with us.

The first topic among many, we asked Anna to clear up the miscarriage-abortions gossip she had with Kane. She was very scared but honest, stating, “I had another miscarriage summer 2019 and it was horrible. Evander [Kane] left me at doctors to go golf as I was like bleeding out.”

Anna continues, “I got pregnant with Kensington in October 2019. And I had an abortion on July 21, 2021, when I realized he was with Mara [Teigen] in Europe and I didn’t know what to do. I felt horrible. I mean, he left me for a girl who the courts gave my 4-month-old daughter to and my son would have been born last February [2022]. So I would have had baby boy right now.”

Anna cried while stating to FACTZ, “I don’t know what the public will think of my abortion. I didn’t want to, but I didn’t want to be a single mother with two kids and fighting parents. I stand by my decision now, knowing he would have been kidnapped as well.”

Welcome to the Evander Kane Chronicles, where the Edmonton Oilers just don’t care and the NHL is still the NHL.

Chronicles developing …

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6 months ago

Do I understand this correctly that she had an abortion at 9 months? That is unforgivable, whoever performed it is the devil.

6 months ago
Reply to  LLL3.0

Where did you get that from?

6 months ago
Reply to  LLL3.0

Maths is not your strong suit

6 months ago

How about getting an actual career instead?

6 months ago

This is just the tip of the iceberg 😶‍🌫️🥶🫣