Leonardo DiCaprio Steals Anyma’s Wife

News on the street (a.k.a TikTok) is that Leonardo DiCaprio has swooped in and stolen the wife of the famous DJ Anyma, born Matteo Milleri.

In 2020, Anyma married Italian model Vittoria Ceretti in Ibiza, Spain. Although the two appeared to be in love at the start, by April 2023 speculation began to swirl that they were on the road to separation.

Fast forward, Ceretti has been seen spending time with DiCaprio and getting cozy in public while partying in the Hamptons.

TikTok user Ilana Rae shared a clip on her page saying, “Basically, Leonardo Dicaprio has stolen Anyma’s wife from him,” budding in, “of course, she’s 25.”

Rae revealed the news she discovered. “This year Vittoria was seen making out with Leo in Ibiza, and getting ice cream with him in California.”

She added at the end, “All three of them were in New York this weekend, Anyma played an insane set at the Brooklyn Mirage.”

Do you think the three crossed paths? Was Leo the wedge between their marriage? Or, did something else cause their separation?