Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriends Expire at 25 – and It’s Getting Creepier the Older He Gets

Once upon a time, Leonardo DiCaprio was a fresh-faced heartthrob.

Starring in headline roles in movies like Titanic, The Man in the Iron Mask (and even before that, Basketball Diaries, Romeo + Juliet and others), he quickly became one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors even though he was barely out of teenhood himself.

Maybe Romeo + Juliet should have been a sign – after all, he was 21 when he got naked alongside 17-year-old Claire Danes. But nonetheless, the world was charmed by his crooked smile and devilishly handsome looks.

When he first rose to prominence, DiCaprio dated women around his age – in their early 20’s. All seemed well. When he aged into his 30’s and continued dating women in their early 20’s, people didn’t think much of it. Then came his 40’s. And people started noticing that his girlfriends haven’t aged alongside him. In fact, the 47-year-old has never publicly dated anyone over the age of 25.

Age gap relationships are a hot-button topic that brings out people’s emotions on both sides, but with DiCaprio the age gap is more of an “expiration date” that has eyebrows raising everywhere.

His youngest girlfriends range from 18-20, including his most recent ex, Camila Marrone, who was 18 when they started dating – he was 43. When she hit the expiry date of 25 this year, they broke up.

What used to be a joke (he broke up with Bar Rafaeli, Kelly Rohrbach and Nina Adgal when they all reached 25) now seems like more than just a coincidence.

The question then would be – is it a kink, a sign of a predator, or just an aging man looking to capitalize on the youth of his partners and stay feeling young?

Whatever drives DiCaprio to keep chasing women now almost half his age and break up with them as they approach an age of greater self-confidence and independence, people are a little weirded out by it.

The older DiCaprio gets, the younger his girlfriends seem – and the more the world starts to back away from the once-golden child who once had his pick of any woman in the world yet keeps choosing near-children.


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