Las Vegas Woman Ends Up in Hospital After Allergic Reaction to Lip Filler Procedure

A Las Vegas woman found herself with lips a whole lot bigger than she bargained for after suffering an allergic reaction to a lip filler procedure. Basia Query has had lip fillers before, so she thought that when she popped into the clinic it would be just another day.

But her lip filler top-up turned into a nightmare of epic proportions after her body reacted badly to the procedure. Query took to TikTok to reveal the horror of her sudden emergency, which saw her top and bottom lips triple in size.

She explained that after the top-up was complete, everything seemed normal – maybe a little red and extra puffy, but otherwise unremarkable. Query had been to that beauty expert before and had never experienced trouble.

Soon though, things took a turn for the worse.

“0/10 do not recommend,” Query titled her now-viral TikTok video, which has been viewed over 12 million times.

Query has revealed in a follow-up video that it was the numbing cream that gave her the problem, a cream made out of Lidocaine intended to make the procedure less uncomfortable.

She explained, “I was allergic to the topical cream; it was Lidocaine – I’ve never used it before. I’ve gotten them done twice before; same girl, same Hyaluron pen.”

She added, “I’m not putting down this product or this service. I’ve just never had this reaction.”


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