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Las Vegas Sun Denied Entry into GOP Watch Party Despite Being on the RSVP List


Las Vegas Sun Denied Entry into GOP Watch Party Despite Being on the RSVP List

A reporter and photographer from the Las Vegas Sun say they were denied entry into an election night watch party for top Nevada Republican candidates at Red Rock Resort.

Initially, when the pair was turned away, they were told that they had to be on the RSVP list.

When the credentialed pair showed that they were in fact on the RSVP list, an organizer claimed that there simply wasn’t enough room.

But other colleagues who were inside the venue say that lack of space didn’t seem to be a real concern. An AP photographer texted Sun photographer, “They took us (up) front for the speakers and there was plenty of room.”

Sheriff Joe Lombardo, controversial NV Republican who has been frequently called out by FACTZ for corruption, was one of the featured guests and appears to be conspiring to put the Sun out of business. Stephen J Cloobeck, a powerful Democrat donor, explained the plans for FACTZ as a “purple” news outlet back in July, Lombardo texted back, “Well it would be fantastic if we can get there. Maybe start by putting Brian Greenspun out of business. I would like to talk to you about it?”

Cloobeck was shocked by Lombardo’s suggestion and brought the texts to the Sun.

It all seems like part of the same rotten plans – and part of the GOP’s overall desire to keep the press out and avoid transparency.


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4 months ago

Nevada is a purple state. It makes most money as purple not red. Nevada will be bad with Joe.