Kyrie Irving Takes No Blame During Rant About Fans, Media On Post-Game Twitch Livestream

Dallas Mavericks point guard Kyrie Irving is always making headlines, it just never seems to be about his play on the basketball court.

Following Wednesday’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans, Irving took to his Twitch account to embark on a rant about how everybody is wrong about him.

The former NBA champion, now turned champion of free speech, claimed that fans don’t know the real Kyrie.

“You see me for three hours and you think you know who I am … as if 21 hours every day wasn’t happening after that.”

See, the thing is Kyrie, we don’t just see you three hours a day. We’ve seen you for 12 whole NBA seasons now. I know more about you and your beliefs than I would have ever wanted to.

He also claimed that “bitter older gentlemen” were the reason he has such a negative perception in the media.

“You would think that I’m the cancer in the locker room. As if basketball is an individual sport that one person is supposed to take blame for. It’s 15 guys on the team and I’m the one cancer in the room.”

From the flat-earth conspiracies, to the anti-COVID rhetoric, to the belief in secret elite societies, to the decimation of multiple NBA locker rooms, to the anti-semetic commentary, there’s plenty of evidence to support why a negative perception surrounds him.

Kyrie, you are an all-world basketball talent that is allowed to have any opinions you want, but when you put all your thoughts out on public display, don’t point the finger back at society when you feel misunderstood.