Kylie Jenner Wins Halloween Party of 2023

The mood this Halloween was creepy, literally.

With Covid being a relic, celebrities and civilians alike had in-home Halloween parties. But the reviews were a mixed bag.

Personally, I went to two home parties in Miami as DJ and hospitality guru Purple– I was treated like a hookah god but the vibe of sex, drugs, and weird house music wasn’t there. There is this odd disconnect between generations. Everyone wants to take pictures and not hold hands.

It looks like this was a nationwide issue as people flocked to Beverly Hills, California, for the best of the best parties.

From all the feedback I am getting- Kylie Jenner, the secret FACTZ party, and Hochstien’s were the top Halloween events … which has me thinking. @spiderman, let’s do more parties. It’s time to get my wings back and let Gen Z understand what honest communication looks like.

All these events are old and slow, not built for speed, with real fun and memories.