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Knowing Sex Trafficking Methods Could Keep You Safe from the Unimaginable - Factz


Knowing Sex Trafficking Methods Could Keep You Safe from the Unimaginable

If there’s anything the public agrees on these days, it’s that being aware and wary of sex trafficking is an unfortunate necessity in modern times.

From movies and television shows to real-world stories from survivors, it’s impossible to escape the whisper of the threat of sex trafficking as we go about our daily lives. At the movies, at the mall, the grocery store, even our own backyards – everyone knows to be afraid, but not everyone knows how to keep themselves safe.

Here are some of the top ways sex traffickers target and capture victims, so you can prepare to protect yourself:

  • Laced Tissue: If you notice a piece of tissue randomly stuck somewhere on your car, do not remove it unless you have tweezers. Traffickers will lace the tissue with drugs that will sedate you or render you unable to fight back.
  • Zip Ties: Traffickers look specifically for women who are alone, and those with kids are prime targets. Once you exit your vehicle, they attach a zip tie – usually on door handles – to signal to partners that you are a vulnerable target. Inspect your vehicle for zip ties.
  • Perfume: If a woman randomly approaches you and asks you to try a sample of perfume, be cautious. Traffickers will send their female counterparts in with “perfume” or sample papers and if you inhale the liquid on the paper (liquid that they spray) it can render you unconscious and an easy grab.
  • Help Me: Sex traffickers will send a woman to knock on your door in the early morning, begging for help because they’re in danger. If you threaten to call police, you will be able to note their partners making a hasty getaway. Don’t assess potentially threatening situations yourself, call the police.
  • Broken Glass: Traffickers will use broken glass, nails and other objects to place behind your tire and cause a flat. When you eventually pull over, they will have followed and will grab you.

There are other methods that sex traffickers use that are less well-documented because each group has its own methods. The best thing you can do is to always stay aware of your situation, think critically, and if something seems amiss, immediately go inside the store you’re in (or if you’re in your vehicle, don’t get out and lock the doors) and call for help.

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6 months ago

Crazy to think these are things we have to worry about nowadays. FJB this is his fault for open borders and putting America last!

Last edited 6 months ago by Nightowl
6 months ago
Reply to  Nightowl

Exactly FJB once again putting other countries before USA

6 months ago

I learned things!