Kim Kardashian Snubs Balenciaga at Art Basel

Kim Kardashian has said that she would “reevaluate” her future with Balenciaga after the company was slammed for an ad campaign depicting pedophilic images.

And it would seem that she’s made up her mind.

Kardashian declined an offer from Balenciaga to do a new ad campaign even before she spoke out against the controversy.

She also didn’t wear any Balenciaga pieces when she stepped out in Art Basel Miami Beach, despite Balenciaga being a staple in her wardrobe.

Instead, she wore a Vex latex top, vintage pants, and Dior sunglasses.

Kardashian caught heat for being slow to respond to the Balenciaga controversy and for wearing pieces from their fashion lines after the story broke. Kardashian said she wanted to speak to the company herself to get the full story before making any decisions.

It seems she’s made those decisions.