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Kim Kardashian Is That Mom

I am a Kim Kardashian fan (man enough to admit it) because her speed and work-ethic is unmatched. Honestly, love or hate her, Kardashian does not miss a beat, and her Glam Squad responds faster than the LAPD.

Kardashian is on top because she has cracked the code on prioritizing items in her life, understanding that public facetime is on her clock, which controls all the power. From my perspective, she will not miss any function because “content is king,” in her case, content is Queen, and this drives revenue like a faucet she can turn on whenever she pleases.

Look how she shows up to her daughter North West’s basketball game in Thousand Oaks. That’s not a mom; that is a boss who doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Her rules in life, not your rules.

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5 months ago

Let’s discuss her massive weight loss.

5 months ago

I need to read more about Kardashian. My idea of ​​her is just a woman with a beautiful body. But human is not just a body. Humans should be recognized by their behavior and thoughts
It was an interesting article