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Kim Kardashian Could Care Less About Ray J's Rant - 'There Are Levels to This Game' - Factz


Kim Kardashian Could Care Less About Ray J’s Rant – ‘There Are Levels to This Game’

While everyone is fixed on what Ray J is claiming on his Instagram. FACTZ reached out to a source close to the Kardashians who stated, “There are levels to this game. Ray J is not even on the Kardashian radar, especially Kim’s. He needs to get over himself because his whole legacy is based on the sex tape. Kris Jenner has built an empire for her family and that sprinkled onto Ray [J].”

Not to defend Ray J, but if we really want to get to the truth here … there is only one man who knows. His name is Joe Francis- the Girls Gone Wild legend who made the deal with Vivid. Allegedly, he guided Kris Jenner through the contract process and structured the deal on Kim’s behalf.

Regardless, Kim Kardashian is sliving (jacked that term from Paris Hilton) with her A-list friends at the Fendi Fashion Show in NYC. From sex tape to BFF with Sarah Jessica Parker … there is a God.

Story developing …

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6 months ago

Witches being witches 🧙

6 months ago

When will people learn the Kardashians are toxic and any man that goes near them is playing with fire. Go look at their track record it clearly speaks for itself.

6 months ago

They may be running scared…any of his nda’s have possibly expired.

6 months ago
Reply to  Quinner

You see Kris’ texts to Ray J. He definitely is staying FACTZ.

6 months ago

For God’s sake, does he not think of the stress he is causing PMK? They are anything but my favorite family but this guy is trash. Follow his life through the years. Just a piece of crap.