Kevin Costner’s Child Support Payment Reduced to $63k per Month

During his child support hearing with estranged wife Christine Baumgartner, court documents reveal that Kevin Costner secured a favorable outcome. However, he is still responsible for the majority of childcare-related expenses, as per the latest court records.

The case’s outcome was disclosed on Tuesday and obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Santa Barbara County Judge Thomas P. Anderle outlined the rationale behind Costner’s monthly child support payments being approximately $100,000 lower than the figure Baumgartner’s legal team requested.

The court ruling mandates that Costner, known for his role in “Yellowstone,” pay $63,209 per month in child support. This amount represents a significant reduction from the $161,592 monthly sum initially sought by Baumgartner’s lawyers, which had already been lowered from their initial request of $248,000 per month.

The court’s decision went into effect immediately, with Costner commencing payments to Baumgartner starting last Friday when the judgment was issued.