Kentucky Student Arrested for Calling Black Student Racial Slurs and Assaulting Her

Keeping it classy in Kentucky these days, one Kentucky student is behind bars after going full racist on another.

A University of Kentucky student named Sophia Rosing (22) was arrested in her campus residence hall just before 4 AM Sunday on charges of public intoxication, assault, disorderly conduct, and assault on a police officer. Her bond is $10K.

Rosing stumbled into Boyd Hall, appearing very intoxicated, according to the student who was working the front desk.

The worker, Kylah Spring, took to TikTok to explain that she tried to check on the woman’s state of mind but was instead attacked and lashed with hateful, racist remarks.

In now-viral videos, Rosing refused Spring’s help and attacked her, calling her the “n-word.”

In the video, Spring asked Rosing after she took a swing, “Could you stop, please?”

Rosing snapped back, “Nope. You’re a n—-r, and you’re a b—h.”

Spring, fed up, can be heard saying, “Oh Jesus Lord, I do not get paid enough for this.” Another voice off-camera can be heard saying, “I got this all on video.”

Spring and a nearby student tried to get Rosing to sit, but she swung at them and kicked Spring, then attempted to push a shopping cart at them.

Spring says she was punched multiple times and was kicked in the stomach. Additionally, Rosing bit Spring while ordering the Black student to do her chores.

Police showed up and cuffed Rosing, but she continued on her racist tirade, even biting and kicking an officer as she continued to hurl racial slurs.

The University of Kentucky has condemned Rosing’s actions saying, “the video is deeply offensive, and we take it very seriously.”

FACTZ does not endorse her racist behavior. We are just reporting the news. Video has been cut down to refrain from more racial slurs.