Kellyanne Conway Tells FACTZ ‘I Love the Fact That Nancy Pelosi Will No Longer Be Speaker’

FACTZ took a moment to speak with Kellyanne Conway, who served as a Counselor to the President under Donald Trump.

When asked how she felt about midterms, Conway said, “I love that Nancy Pelosi will no longer be Speaker. And that the Republicans are more likely than not to pick up the majority in the Senate. Get the gavel back and the committees.”

When asked if she was surprised about Mehmet Oz losing his race, Conway responded, “yes – but as I said [last night on Fox News], the governor’s race there was a disaster. It really hurt.”

Conway was referring to an upset win by Josh Shapiro for Pennsylvania governor, beating MAGA darling Douglas Mastriano.

And for the record, Conway wasn’t talking to her son. She did the “fake phone call” trick on us.


  • I love the fact that her husband appeared on Jimmy Kimmel on election night and trashed her stupid ex-boss and made it clear he wasn’t thrilled to be married to her!

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