Kardashians Affirm Support for Jewish People as Adidas and Kanye Face Renewed Scrutiny over Anti-Semitism

It’s a busy week in the world of Kardashian and Kanye West news.

After Ye was forced from Instagram and Twitter, he decided to buy the free speech platform Parler. But West’s ban came because of violently anti-Semitic statements he made online and in interviews, and now his association with certain brands is facing renewed scrutiny.

Balenciaga already cut ties with West, removing his Yeezy Gap collab and slowly backing away from the trainwreck that is West’s publicity in recent weeks.

Among other things, the 405 Freeway in Southern California was the center of hate attention this weekend. Celebrities were quick to share this viral image with their words of disgust.

And a video surfaced this month of West forcing Adidas execs to view porn as he tried to prove a point about a business deal, and they asked him repeatedly to stop.

But now, it’s Adidas who are facing the wrath of the masses. Adidas has said that its relationship with Ye is “under review,” but Twitter isn’t buying it. One old video is making the rounds of West saying that he can “say anti-Semitic shit” and Adidas “can’t drop him,” so fans are asking – “is that true?”

#BoycottAdidas is trending on Twitter, but it goes beyond their seemingly unflappable support for West in the face of his violent rhetoric. It goes all the way back to the 1930s and Nazi ties with the company’s founders, a German-based family known as the Dassler’s. Back when Adidas was formed, they even supplied footwear to Nazis. So is Adidas blind to his anti-Semitism, or worse – do they support it?

Against this backdrop, Khloe Kardashian was the first member of her family to avow her support for Jewish people openly. She re-posted Jess Seinfeld’s message on Instagram, “I support my Jewish friends and the Jewish people.”

It’s a simple but powerful slap in the face to her former brother-in-law amid his public statements, and both Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner have since re-posted the same message. Kim Kardashian also posted this:

The Kardashians often try to stay out of public scandals (or use them for their monetary gain when that’s not possible), but it seems this time, at least several family members want to do the right thing and stand up against hate. They are not the most truthful family in history according to their faces, but in this case, it seems like they speak from their hearts (which have no plastic).

Who would have thought that Kanye West hating Jewish People would force the Kardashians to be champions of justice?

FACTZ spoke exclusively with other industry executives in our field who are of Jewish descent to better understand the pain this is causing.

Eli Lippman, VP of A360 Media, the owner of UsWeekly, has been very vocal on social media about the dangers Kanye West’s words are creating. He spoke with FACTZ and stated:

“Unfortunately, every generation of Jews seems to have come across their version of Ye. Kanye West isn’t original; he’s spewing antisemitic tropes and conspiracy theories that were critical narratives Hitler used to rise to power and eventually murder 6 million Jews. I can’t believe we have to voice this, but these comments should have NO PLACE in America in 2022.

Jews make up .2% of the world population; We appreciate our friends and allies amplifying our voices and helping rid of these opposing conspiracy theories now and forever. Am Yisroel Chai!”


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