Kanye West Wants to Buy Parler Since Instagram and Twitter Don’t Want Him

Add Kanye West to the list of ridiculously wealthy men who are buying their way out of the dog house.

When Donald Trump was banned from multiple social media platforms, he created his own. When Elon Musk decided he didn’t like the way Twitter was run, he offered to buy it.

Now, Kanye West is buying Parler – the so-called “free speech” bastion social media network.

Parent company Parlement Technologies announced an agreement in principle for West to take control through a financial investment during a press release.

The CEO of Parler says that “this deal will change the world and change the way the world thinks about free speech.”

CEO George Farmer added in a statement, “Ye’s acquiring of Parler will strengthen our ability to create an uncancelable ecosystem. No one should have to self-censor out of uncertainty about which legal speech will get him or her banned. No individual or business should worry about being completely de-platformed, as Parler was, merely for the expression of opposing viewpoints. Groupthink is, and always has been, more dangerous than independent thinking. Parler will remain a place where everyone can think, listen, and speak freely. We will continue the fight against censorship, cancel culture and authoritarianism.”

West said in a statement released by Parler, “In a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial, we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves.”

This comes after West was banned from Instagram and Twitter for anti-Semitic comments.

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  • The existence of free media is very good for the world. Something that does not exist in Iran at all. Having different opinions makes society progress

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