UPDATE: Kanye West Has Gone Off the Rails: From Talking to Tucker Carlson, to Wars with the Kardashians, Here’s the Scoop

UPDATE 10/07/22 8:00 AM PST: Kanye West attacks P.Diddy on his Instagram.

Kanye West has never been particularly “on the rails” to begin with.

Mentally unstable in public and probably twice as inadequate in private, West’s mental health issues are no mystery.

But this week, things took a sudden and dramatic turn, and it all started with a t-shirt. Here’s a recap of the insanity so far and why many are calling for West to get help asap:

  • Monday: West showed up to a Yeezy fashion show in Paris wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt. Candace Owens showed up wearing the same shirt. The backlash was instant online. West called “Black Lives Matter” a “scam.”
  • Black fashion editors and celebrities in particular were harsh with West, prompting him to clap back at one Vogue contributor and mock her yellow boots.
  • Disgusted by his online bullying, celebs like Gigi Hadid spoke up and called West a “bully” and a “joke” while blasting him for his shirt-gate drama.
  • The criticism seems to have set West off and since then, he’s been writing and deleting rants online – including taking stabs at his ex-wife’s family. West began blasting the public for not “supporting him” as a Black father – accusing Kim’s family of essentially “kidnapping” their children to try to turn them against him. Since then, West has notably deleted posts concerning his former in-laws.
  • At least one celebrity was convinced by West’s comments about BLM being a scam: Sharon Osbourne. The former “The Talk” host said she wants a refund after donating $900K to the cause. Osbourne told TMZ, “I don’t understand why white lives don’t matter. I don’t understand it. It’s not my culture. Everybody matters, don’t they?” She also encouraged people to simply avoid West’s social media if they don’t “like him” rather than canceling him. “Leave him alone,” she added.
  • West went on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show last night to share his thoughts on the whole thing – and boy, were they something. West first explained that he thought the shirt was “funny” and that he wore the message that white lives matter “because they do.” West explained, “I said, ‘I thought the shirt was a funny shirt; I thought the idea of me wearing it was funny.’ And I said, ‘Dad, why did you think it was funny?’ He said, ‘Just a Black man stating the obvious.’” West seems to be referring to a conversation he had with his father, who he calls a “super educated former Black Panther” who he finally made proud of by wearing the shirt. West shared a text exchange with his father, captioning it that an “NPC” is trying to pick on him and asking his father for advice.
  • West also talked about his choice to support former POTUS Donald Trump and sport a MAGA hat, which received similar backlash. West said his life was threatened for it. More of the interview will air on Friday.
  • Meanwhile, on social media, West has been ranting nonsensically for days. He keeps referring to God and, at one point, went off on a tangent, referring to himself as Kimye (a title granted to Kim and Kanye when they were married), “the most relevant performance artist on the planet.” West then called Kim a combination of Marina Abramovic, Marilyn Monroe and Hillary Clinton (how flattering) while calling himself a combo of Joseph Beuys, Andy Kaufman and David Hammons. West said, “I am every artists favorite artist. Im Kims favorite performance artist even though shes a more popular im drakes favorite artist even though hes more pop-pular [sic] no no no I got a better one I’m Drake’s favorite artist even though he’s more drake I feel like megamind.”
  • West’s planned performance at SoFi Stadium was abruptly canceled this week, and West wrote in a caption revealing the sudden change, “MY SOFI STADIUM SHOW ON NOVEMBER 4TH JUST GOT CANCELED I WONDER IF IT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH MY WHITE LIVES MATTER TEE WHAT YA’LL THINK.”

As West keeps posting and deleting things, his instability is becoming glaringly evident for anyone even half-heartedly watching. Quick recap: Britney Spears was locked up for 13 years or less, but West continues to bluster, threaten and rant – nothing to see here, clearly.


  • I think he is finally speaking his truth and things he has been hiding for so long and couldn’t say out loud. He clearly is making an impact and opening peoples eyes more.

  • If it’s an artist’s goal to create works that spark emotional response I would say he’s rather successful with exactly what he’s doing. As long as he’s not hurting anyone let him do his thing. The fact that a mere t-shirt is striking conversation and bringing attention back to the BLM movement seems to be the real positive outcome of this as opposed to the shortsighted rage some have had based on their singular interpretation as to the meaning of this piece of work.

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