Kanye West Friday Night ‘Flashing Lights’ – Does Impromptu Press Conference Confirming FACTZ Exclusive

Being alone in the world is the worst, especially when you self-destruct and don’t think you are the problem. Kanye West is losing all his relationships and will still not give up. The worst part is that people say he’s insane behind his back, but in his presence, they still treat him like Yeezus.

This is what a Friday night dinner in Oxnard, California, looks like.

To be so disjointed, anybody can have dinner with you are the Cheesecake Factory bar. Kudos to this guy who probably told Ye to keep fighting for nobody.

FACTZ can confirm that it is not AJ Hamm (Amal Hamidinia) … Just a dude with the same jawline.

Regardless, it gets better. West embraces Oxnard, California, and decides to do a press conference to explain why he hates Jews and to confirm he has hired an attorney to save the Adidas deal.

FACTZ broke the Adidas drop yesterday: Kanye West To Be Dropped by Adidas

As a father, my mind goes straight to North West and all of Kanye West’s kids. What are they thinking? My daughter Press Dahl Lamas-Richie is ten years old, and she is asking what is wrong with Kanye West. My answer sucks: “He is just sick right now.” But if Press is asking me about you, that means North’s friends are having a field day.

Ye, yesterday at his daughter North West’s basketball game all alone, texting people that don’t really love him. I decided.

Meanwhile, you have Kim Kardashian and her team on the other side of the court, supporting her daughter, and you can tell … Kardashian is so happy she’s no longer part of the crazy train.


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