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Kanye Shows up to Yeezy Fashion Show in 'White Lives Matter' Shirt - Factz


Kanye Shows up to Yeezy Fashion Show in ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt

Kanye West is perhaps not best known for thinking things through.

His newest public stunt may get him his biggest push back ever – and that’s saying something considering he once made a claymation music video about killing and burying his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

In Paris on Monday for a Yeezy Fashion show, West showed up wearing a black t-shirt emblazoned with the words “White Lives Matter.”

It’s not exactly a new stance for West, who is known to be pals with former POTUS Donald Trump and has criticized racial equality movements in the past. He’s worn a MAGA hat before and often rambles incoherently on stage – but this was a pointed and coherent move.

What that move was intended to accomplish, now – that’s anyone’s guess.

The shirt was provided without context.


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5 months ago

Kanye is escaping the Kardashian grips and speaking his peace. TEAM KANYE!

5 months ago

Kanye needs to be admitted.

Clare phillips
5 months ago

Marketing genius again