Jury Rules Alex Jones Should Pay Nearly $1B in Damages to Sandy Hook Families

Alex Jones has to pay Sandy Hook families for his lies about the school massacre, a jury has ruled.

And it’s a huge amount – just shy of $1B at $965 million.

The decision could spell doom for Jones’ Infowars empire, which has been at the center of multiple cases of backlash over conspiracy theories dating all the way back to the administration of former President George W Bush.

Jones was long a favorite of Trump, but the two broke ranks over Trump’s support of COVID vaccines.

Jones said over and over that the 2012 mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school was “staged” and that families and first responders were “crisis actors.”

The families of victims testified as to the heartache and trauma they experienced due to Jones’s lies. Christopher Mattei, an attorney for the families, said that the huge amount that they pushed for was not so large in the face of what he did to victims’ loved ones. “You may say that is astronomical. It is. It’s exactly what Alex Jones set himself up to do. That’s what he built. He built a lie machine that could push this stuff out. You reap what you sow.”

This newest decision comes just two months after a jury in a separate trial in Texas awarded two families $50M.

Jones has since acknowledged that he lied about the massacre being fake, but shows no remorse as to the pain he caused the loved ones left behind by the unimaginable horrors of Sandy Hook.

Jones plans to appeal.


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