Julia Roberts Calms Crowd and Signs Autographs Like a Queen, Preventing Paparazzi from Crushing Woman in Wheelchair

Julia Roberts kept her crown as she made her way to the red carpet for the premiere of her film, “Ticket to Paradise.”

Gracious, patient, and confident – the Oscar winner took time to sign autographs and then quieted an unruly crowd of fans and paparazzi as they threatened to crush a woman in a wheelchair waiting to see her.

Ever the adult in the room, Roberts took time to speak to the woman and sign as many autographs as she could before she was escorted across the street to walk the carpet.

Roberts has recently revealed that she would love to be in a superhero movie, revealing to Variety at the film premiere, “Wouldn’t it be awesome?”

Then co-star George Clooney chimed in, “We should do one – you and me!”

Hopefully, DC and Marvel are taking notes, but Roberts is keeping it classy in the meantime.


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