Josh Richards Tells FACTZ His Dream Guest for BFFs Would Be Snoop Dogg

The most famous male on social media in the Gen Z world has to be Josh Richards, with a reach of over 100 million and being on one of the largest podcasts, BFFs, on the internet. The kid doesn’t understand how much weight he has, he should be the highest-paid talent at Barstool, but that is a management issue.

Richards spoke with FACTZ a couple of times in Scottsdale because we actually know who he is compared to the old media, who just skipped him on carpets. TMZ asked us why we were interviewing “that kid.” No joke. Our response was, “we are friends with his mom.”

FACTZ supports Richards as he tells us that his dream interview would be Snoop Dog so he can get high. He loves Paris Hilton’s house and will never live alone, shout-out to Ant (his guy). And the most famous cell phone in the contacts is the legend, Mark Wahlberg.

Josh Richards Tells FACTZ Who the Top Influencers Are


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