Diplo Tells the World He Might Be Gay and BFF Joan Smalls and Baby Momma Kathryn Lockhart Had “No Idea”

Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, has been on fire lately- performing at Gala Aspen for free, driving an electric motorcycle called Tarform around LA, getting big leagued by Jeff Bezos, and now telling #EmRata; he is gay.

Well, might be gay because of oral sex by another man. According to the Oxford dictionary, that means you are gay or at least bi-sexual.

FACTZ can confirm Puertorican supermodel Joan Small had “no idea,” she learned about the news this morning like the rest of us. This story is developing (outside the bedroom).

UPDATE: The baby momma to two of Diplo’s sons, Kathryn Lockhart, had no idea either. #Confirmed

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