Jessica Simpson Responds to ‘Concern Trolling’ Fans Who Slammed a Recent Ad Performance

Jessica Simpson isn’t precisely the pop princess she was in the early ’00s because her life has changed immeasurably. She realized shoes could make her rich, so why sing? Or do anything?

The mom of 3 is in a far different place than she used to be, so her interaction with the public would be different from what she was doing 10 or 20 years ago.

The most recent case in point is a Pottery Barn ad where Simpson showed off her daughter Birdie’s (enviable) room.

Instead of focusing on her unnaturally keen decorating skills and the fact that she was beaming happily, fans concerned trolled the hell out of her by saying that her speech sounded “forced” and asking, “is she ok?”

Simpson, hurt by the criticism, responded by posting a vid of herself singing in the studio. She said to “ground myself and heal.” Simpson added, “peoples’ comments and judgments can still hurt deeply with their incessant nagging.”

Long story short, please leave Jessica Simpson alone. She is NOT Britney! FACTZ caught pics of JS at her daughter Maxwell’s basketball game, and she looks happy and healthy (minus the ratty extensions, but that can be fixed).


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