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Jennifer Lopez Takes a Multi-Million Dollar Deal with BODYARMOR - Factz



Jennifer Lopez Takes a Multi-Million Dollar Deal with BODYARMOR

In an unreleased commercial to FACTZ- Jennifer Lopez works up a thirst with an early morning beach run as she stars in a new campaign for the BODYARMOR LYTE sports drink.

The superstar gives a glimpse of her intense fitness routine and her personal mission to push herself to go harder and keep getting better in a commercial that shows her waking up before dawn and explosively sprinting along the water’s edge.

She fuels up for her run by drinking BODYARMOR LYTE, then explains in a voiceover how she stays motivated to improve, despite her global success. She says in the voiceover: “Every day, you get to choose. Do I want more? Can I grow stronger? Can I push myself harder? Can I get better?”

J Lo tells FACTZ: “BODYARMOR is all about the idea that determination, hard work, and passion pushes us to be our best and that’s a shared value that resonates with me and how I like to live my life. The newest spot for BODYARMOR LYTE exemplifies how the real work is behind the behind the scenes when no one is watching.”

The campaign is the largest money endorsement in the brand’s history.

Jennifer Lopez works up a thirst with early morning beach run in BODYARMOR LYTE sports drink campaign

Matt Dzamba, Chief Marketing Officer at BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition, tells FACTZ: “Jennifer Lopez is a global icon that transcends cultures and generations alike. She has a tireless work ethic and intensity that we’re proud to showcase in our latest BODYARMOR LYTE campaign and is one of the greatest of all time. “It’s no surprise that she chooses BODYARMOR LYTE to keep her hydrated. It’s been inspiring to see her in action firsthand, and we’re looking forward to seeing where this campaign takes us.”

BODYARMOR LYTE is a premium hydration beverage with zero sugar added and is low-calorie. It has a coconut water base and contains potassium-packed electrolytes and antioxidants so you can replenish what your body loses after an intense workout, performance, or a full day on the go.

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