Jenelle Evans Threatens to Commit Suicide From ‘The Sun’ Writing Fabricated Clickbait Articles About Her Life

In a weird twist, Jenelle Evans finally realizes that Nik Richie has nothing to do with articles written about her. For years she has stalked Richie, claiming he was in her bushes feeding the media clickbait articles about her. BUT finally, Evans has cracked the code and realizes her life has nothing to do with Richie’s and the ones she claims stole money from her or profited off her. I’m not low rent.

Jenelle Evans

Evans took to Instagram to cry for help and beg The Sun to stop making up lies about her for profit. What Evans doesn’t understand the new Sun USA team is just the old RADAR staff who has stalked her for over a decade. You are welcome for the tip.

Jenelle Evans

And P.S. Jelly, thank you for your love all these years. I’m happy you finally found the people ruining your mental health. Please put the gun down.