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Jeff German's Alleged Murderer Robert Telles Has Been Arrested Before - Factz


Jeff German’s Alleged Murderer Robert Telles Has Been Arrested Before

Robert Telles seems like a real calm, cool guy. Not only did he pick a public spat with the Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter (Jeff German) who uncovered his unsavory actions with an employee, but he then lost his shit and stabbed the guy to death. Totally not a guy to ever hurt anybody else, amirite?

Turns out, he was arrested in 2020 for alleged domestic violence.


The former Clark County official was arrested February 29, 2020, and accused of domestic battery and resisting a public officer.

Fox 5 Vegas reports, “A criminal complaint alleged Telles grabbed a woman and placed her in a ‘bear-hug’ position. Then, the complaint alleges Telles refused to obey officers’ commands to stand up when they tried to arrest him and ‘[tucked] his arms under[neath] his body’ when officers attempted to handcuff him.”

The case was closed in early 2021 and Telles was ordered to take a “corrective thinking” course and to “stay out of trouble.”

He obviously didn’t learn from that slap on the wrist.

Telles’ next court hearing for the murder of Jeff German is September 20.


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6 months ago

He looks like trouble 👿 how did he get a political job? Don’t they do background checks? Vegas baby Vegas.

6 months ago

I thought Erik Morillo died?