January 6 Committee Members Say Trump Was Responsible for Riot and May Unanimously Rec Criminal Charges

J6 panel members Rep Liz Cheney and Rep Adam Schiff spoke out Sunday about their role with the House committee.

They both say that they believe former President Donald Trump is responsible for the J6 riots.

The committee’s hearings will resume on September 28 and will reveal information gleaned since the last one adjourned earlier this year.

In the intervening time, dozens of subpoenas have been handed out, and text messages received from Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows – promising stunning revelations now that a more precise picture has been painted.

In separate interviews, Schiff and Cheney said that the panel with act unanimously when it decides what course of action to take at the end of their probe, which suggests that they could unanimously recommend criminal charges to the Department of Justice. Whether or not the DOJ takes up those charges with an investigation of their own remains to be seen, but a recommendation from the House committee would hold significant weight.

Cheney said, “One of the things that have surprised me the most about my work on this committee is how sophisticated the plan was that Donald Trump was involved in and oversaw every step of the way. He oversaw a multipart plan; he was involved personally and directly.” She added, “I think we will be unanimous. In whatever action we take, we will be unanimous.”

Schiff was unironically on the same page, explaining, “We operate with a high degree of consensus and unanimity. It will certainly be, I think, my recommendation, my feeling, that we should make referrals, but we will get to a decision as a committee, and we will all abide by that decision. And I will join our committee members if they feel differently.”

He added, “I do agree there have been several laws broken, and it is, I think, apparent that there is evidence that Donald Trump was involved in breaking several of those laws. When Congress does find evidence that people have broken the law, it is not always the case that it makes a referral, but in the circumstances like these, I think that’s the better part of the argument.”

It sounds like they’re ready to recommend charges if you read between the lines.


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