Israel Launches Counterattacks on Gaza After Retaking Southern Towns from Hamas

The Israeli military has initiated a series of powerful counterattacks on Gaza following the successful retaking of towns in the southern region from Hamas. This escalation comes as the conflict between Israeli forces and Iranian-backed Islamist militants, entering its third day, continues to intensify.

Over 48 hours after a devastating attack launched by Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, from Gaza, the Israeli military reported that major combat in Israel’s southern towns had largely subsided. However, ongoing efforts involving aircraft and tanks are underway to root out any remaining militants concealed in these areas and prevent further incursions by Hamas fighters through breaches in the 40-mile barrier encircling Gaza.

According to military spokesman Daniel Hagari on Monday, “There are no battles right now in the towns,” though he cautioned that the presence of terrorists in the vicinity remains a possibility, following hours of clashes across at least four different communities.