Israel Conducts Massive Airstrikes on Hamas Targets in Gaza

Israeli forces have launched what they claim to be one of the largest airstrikes in history against Hamas in Gaza City. This operation comes as a response to a massive attack launched by Palestinian militants on Israel over the weekend.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that their air force targeted 1,200 locations in Gaza between Saturday and Monday, and they doubled that number on Monday alone. The airstrikes are aimed at weapons storage facilities, manufacturing sites, and command and control centers operated by Hamas and other Palestinian militants.

“The [air force] is conducting one of the largest airstrikes ever against Hamas in Gaza to degrade and destroy their ability to terrorize the people of Israel,” stated the IDF. “Hamas launched a war. We will restore security to our country.”

Israeli Air Force strikes have hit areas including Beit Hanoun, Sajaiya, El-Furqan, and Rimal in the Gaza Strip, with videos released by the Air Force showing buildings severely damaged by rocket strikes.

Tragically, nearly 500 people have lost their lives in Gaza, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Israel has managed to regain control of communities on the Gaza border in southern Israel, where Hamas militants launched an unprecedented attack that resulted in at least 700 casualties in Israel.