Is Diplo Guilty Of Assaulting Women?

A new TikTok is going around about the world-famous DJ Diplo allegedly sexually assaulting women.

The woman in the clip shares accusations about an “A-list” DJ who is assumed to be Diplo. The first note reads, “This one A-list DJ sexually assaulted a woman at a party last weekend and threatened her life if she told anyone.”

The TikTok clip continues with notes from a Blind Item:

#6 from January 2022 – “This one named A-list DJ who is also racist and an accused grapist, yet still has his own channel on a satellite network is having trouble getting anyone to work with him who is equal or higher on the list. They all know what is about to come down and want to be far far away from him when it does.”

#4 from April 2022 – “This one named A-list DJ sexually assaulted a woman at a Coachella party last night.”

The TikToker shared a related headline about Diplo featured on The CUT which reads “Untangling the Sexual Misconduct Allegations against Diplo.” She shared details from the article that accuse Diplo of grooming a woman, sexually assaulting her, giving her an STI [intentionally] as well as exposing explicit videos of the woman without her consent.