Irvine PD Is Not Protecting In-N-Out Burger Owner Lynsi Ellingson

Lynsi Snyder Ellingson is a national treasure with grilled onions. An entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and In-N-Out Burger chain heiress is being hounded by a terrifying stalker named Rob Peeples – and Irvine PD should be doing more to protect her.

On August 29, 2022, Ellingson filed for an order of protection from Peeples with the Los Angeles Superior Court, and the evidence as to why is shocking, to say the least.

The order of protection request seeks protection for Ellingson and her husband because “there is a danger of physical violence, sexual assault, and ongoing harassment to them.”

According to the documents, Ellingson began receiving harassing messages on Instagram as far back as January. Peeples in the texts to both Ellingson and a friend, Alazae Bear.

In the texts, Peeples goes from disturbing to more disturbing, including suggesting that he speaks directly with God and making allegations about Ellingson’s personal life.

In one text, Peeples tells Bear, “Lynsi is in bad shape. God has showed me… She pretty much watches porn all day long. She’s been looking at it since she was nine years old (her dad’s playboys).” Peeples calls Ellingson a “nymphomaniac” and “a prophet.”

Peeples texted images to Ellingson, including a picture of her with her father when she was little, adding disgusting comments like, “That’s awesome. You fantasize about your daddy f—ing you at this age.”

But it gets worse from there (yes, really). Peeples admits to getting hard looking at pictures of Ellingson as a young child, mentions Ellingson committing suicide if images of her having sex with other women get out, and then the stalker takes it to the next level.

Peeples begins describing graphic sexual acts he wants to perform on a 9-year-old he refers to as “little Lindsey” before telling Ellingson what he wants her to do to the child whom he refers to as Ellingson’s daughter.

Peppered throughout Peeples’ horrifying diatribe are his references to his messages from God, which seem to include the sexual directives he keeps throwing at Ellingson.

On Friday, August 6, the Irvine PD seized Peeples computer, but as far as Ellingson is aware when filing the restraining order, nothing has been done – he is still a free man, able to travel and continue to put her family at risk.

Ellingson writes in the order that she is “scared for her safety” and the safety of her husband and children, as Peeples’ address is only 40 miles away from her home.

Why is Irvine PD sleeping on this terrifying stalker? Does someone need to die before they take it seriously? Or do they just hate In-N-Out? Clearly, someone who’s willing to write such threatening and disgusting things about a minor and believes they’re hearing orders from God is a danger. But Irvine PD seems to disagree.