Iranian Rock Climber Offers Explanation for Missing Hijab as She Returns from Seoul

Iranian rock climber Elnaz Rekabi received international acclaim when she was pictured competing in Seoul without her hijab.

But now that she has returned to Iran, she’s offering a story that doesn’t involve support for the protesters.

After her hijab-less picture was widely circulated, Rekabi essentially went missing. BBC Persian reported that her phone was confiscated, and her family could not get in touch with her. Iran’s embassy denied reports that she was missing.

Now though, she’s speaking out – and it doesn’t seem suspicious at ALL.

In a statement on her Instagram, “Rekabi” informed the world that she was returning home and said that “not wearing her headscarf during the competition in Seoul was unintentional … there was poor scheduling, and I was called here to climb unpredictably.”

Sure, this all sounds entirely on the up-and-up.

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