Iranian Official Issues Warning to the U.S. As Floyd Mayweather Shows His Support for Israel

While Floyd Money Mayweather attends a peaceful pro-Israel rally at the Museum of Tolerance (video captured by @streetpeopleofbeverlyhills), Iran has other plans which include to throwdown with America.

An Iranian official has issued a stern warning directed at the United States, stating, “Iran cannot merely stand by as a bystander. If the conflict’s scale widens, the United States will face severe consequences.”

The Israeli military has chosen not to provide a response to the Iranian official’s remarks. Newsweek has reached out to the White House and the State Department for their comments on this matter.

Iran has consistently denied any involvement in the recent attack, which poses a delicate issue for President Joe Biden. He has aimed to continue the diplomatic efforts with Tehran initiated during the Obama administration, in which he served as vice president. While U.S. and Israeli officials have accused Iran of substantial support for Hamas, both militarily and financially, they have not established a clear link between Tehran and the recent Hamas attacks.