Iranian Girl Beaten to Death in her Classroom After Refusing to Praise Iran’s Supreme Leader

Instagram account Hollywoodunlocked reports that a 16-year-old Iranian girl in Ardabil was killed this week.

Asra Panahi allegedly refused to sing an anthem praising Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

According to witnesses, government police stormed her classroom and demanded that a group of teenage girls join in the singing.

When they refused, the police began brutally attacking them, including Panahi.

Several girls were injured in the wake of the monstrous assault, and one of the victims was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Panahi succumbed to her injuries on site. The government, backed by state media, has said that she died of sudden heart failure and denied responsibility for Panahi’s death.

Her death has lit another bonfire under protesters as the city of Ardabil is swept by fury and heartache.

This newest wave of fury follows protests sparked a month ago by the murder of 22-year-old #MahsaAmini by Iran’s morality police.


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