Iranian Citizens are Still Dying and Being Brutally Beaten – Here are Five Examples from This Week

It’s the weekend, so FACTZ wants to recap some of the murders and injustice in Iran (since nobody else does).

  1. Hassan Firouzi, an Iranian protestor who is arrested by IRGC and in a coma due to extreme torture, is facing the death penalty and has a one-month-old baby.

Iran Kidnapping

2. IRGC arrested a pregnant woman in Mahabad, Kurdistan, named Zahra Nabizadeh. She got tortured so highly that her infant child died inside her, she is facing the death penalty now, and her life is significantly in danger. FACTZ, just received details no images.

Iran World Cup

3. Alireza Fili. A 17-year-old boy who ripped apart the supreme leader’s pic from the first page of his school book got killed by IRGC. His father found his dead son hanging in his shop.

Iran Death

4. These Iranian children are holding placards on which it is written, “Don’t execute my father.” #Iran has become a slaughterhouse under the occupation of the mullahs’ regime, and the international community is the only observer.

Children Iran

5. This Shaker Rigi. A 19-year-old boy who carried fuel to make money for his family. IRGC accused him of illegally moving the fuel, killed him, and brutally hit him. This is a picture of him, beaten up, bleeding, and nearly dead.


There are many more, but we hope you understand that America does nothing while innocent people die daily.

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4 months ago

I have an idea let’s give Iran $1 billion of the 27 billion we gave Ukraine.

4 months ago
Reply to  Greg

Good idea!

4 months ago

🖤🖤🖤🖤 I hope these dark days will end soon

4 months ago

Thanks Factz team