Introducing PURPLE, Miami Beach’s Gift from God – The Judger of all Shorts at LIV Nightclub

“There are only a few guys at LIV who can approve shorts, and I’m one of them.”  This is according to the Miami God himself, Purple.

Yes, this is real life.

Suppose you don’t know who Purple is. In that case, he’s a gent in Miami, Florida, who smokes a lot of hookahs (based on his Instagram), always wears sunglasses, is a DJ for brunches, is really good friends with Nik Richie (almost impossible), and drives flashy cars in the most corrupt county in the USA- Dade County.

Purple appeared on Full Send’s ‘Money Buys Happiness’ Podcast and talked about the power of his position: the guy who allows people with shorts into LIV in Miami.

I don’t know where you apply for that job or the qualifications, but I wish I had changed majors back in college to get that position.

Another classic line in this interview from Purple, when asked about how he doesn’t drink, is, “there are a lot of rumors about me, saying oh I’ve seen you [Purple] drink before.”

Blasphemy! Who are these people starting these rumors? They need to be stopped! This is Purple, the guy who decides if you can wear shorts at LIV! Leave him alone! Enough with the rumors!

And the great lines didn’t stop there: “Most of the soccer players love my Instagram.”

The whole interview is just hysterical, and it’s not trying to be. He is 100% serious. FACTZ wants to show you the difference between your world and Purps. He makes millions to be number 2.

Watch the full interview here:


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