UPDATE: Instagram Famous Morgan Osman Goes to War in Coach on Delta Flight

UPDATE: FACTZ has exclusive information about what occurred that day, vindicating Morgan Osman of all bum activities. We were told the following:

“Morgan [Osman] was on a last-second flight from FFL to surprise her mother. No more first-class seats were available, so she opted to fly coach for the short flight. Unfortunately, words were said about her appearance, and Morgan decided to remove herself from the plane before a fistfight occurred.”

Original story [Sept. 17, 2023]: A video of the female legend Morgan Osman has gone viral. FACTZ can confirm the following items from her Delta war:

1. Osman is in coach fighting for her life.

2  Osman refers to people in coach as “bums.”

3. Osman is Instagram-famous.

FACTZ contacted Osman for comment, and she has yet to respond. This story is developing.