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Influencer and Model Shares Harrowing Tale of Collapsed Lung after Vaping - Factz



Influencer and Model Shares Harrowing Tale of Collapsed Lung after Vaping

An Instagram model and influencer with nearly 40K followers known as xhelilajj on Instagram (Rosesalia on OnlyFans) has come forward with a harrowing tale.

She posted images of herself in a hospital bed with the caption, “My lung collapsed from smoking vapes.”

She continued, “I’ve been in hospital for over a week, almost 2 weeks now, with a drain tube in my lungs in slide 3. They started with a needle in my lung to let the air out, but that didn’t work, they decided to put a tube in, and that didn’t work. X-rays every day, taking morphine, they decided to try another tube on my chest, and it worked.”

The model adds, “I’ve been in so so much pain, I’ve not been able to walk or talk. I’ve been scared and hesitant to even post but this situation and changed my life so much and I can’t believe it happened to me, I always see things online about stories and things happening to people but I never thought it would be me.”

She just wants to “let people know” that disposable vapes are dangerous.

Her terrifying medical ordeal started with “sharp shooting pain” in her chest and back/spine area, then ended up with her on her hands and knees, gasping for breath and crying for help.

She concludes, “If you or your friends smoke them, please try to stop, I’m so traumatized but I’m grateful I’m healing now, I’m feeling better, and I’m hoping to go home very soon.”

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Bo Jackson
Bo Jackson
5 months ago

What a fucked up generation. Let me film myself 24-7 even if I’m dying.

5 months ago
Reply to  Bo Jackson

If it’s not on the gram it never happened tho and at least she is using her platform to raise awareness.

5 months ago

What’s her OF? I want to pay her now. I’m intrigued so yes good marketing plan.

5 months ago

Mix your own vape people. No one knows what’s in those pre loaded ones.