Iconic Miami Day Club Closing It’s Doors

It’s official that the iconic South Beach, Miami day club Nikki Beach will be closing its doors in 2026. According to a TikTok from “What Josue Has To Say”, the city of Miami Beach isn’t letting the franchise renew its lease.” He revealed that “instead, likely giving it to Boucher Brothers and Carbone.”

The TikToker reminded his followers of the time that he shared the news of the city commissioners getting “caught accepting an expensive gift from Carbone themselves,” calling out that “power players eye Nikki Beach site.”

He outlined his source on the screen and shared, “The city commissioners were called into question after the official receipt of complimentary tickets that were 3,000 a piece. It was for the Carbone Beach pop-up that Carbone usually does every time it’s a special event in Miami.”  Adding, “This is a little unethical.”

The TikTok user continued to talk about the $26 million renovation that the Boucher Brothers are proposing and his personal opinion over whether or not it’s time for Nikki Beach to say farewell.